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PreciWaterTest™ – UltraPreciWaterTest™ Water Content Measurement

  • Allow for accurate and cost-effective measurement of the water in any non volatile liquids
  • They are applicable to measuring water in:
    • Mineral oils and petroleum distillates (engine oils, fuel oils, brake fluids, gearbox oils…), even when massively additived
    • Synthetic oils and lubricants
    • Bio lubricants and bio fuel
    • Vegetable oils
    • Aromatic fluids
    • Alcohols
    • Solid products soluble in petroleum base solvent (greases…)
  • Industries concerned: Automotive, power production, defence, paper mill, oil and gas, chemistry, industry, analysis service
  • The water content measurement is simple and easy to perform within minutes
  • Test results are not biased by the presence of additives in the tested oils
  • The apparatus is housed in a portable wooden varnished cabinet for field use or mounted on a test stand for laboratory use (PreciWaterTest™ only)
  • The kits include all accessories, reagents and operating manuals for performing and understanding 50 tests unless otherwise specified
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