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Automatic CFPP

  • Cold Filter Plugging Point Automatic Tester With Integrated Cooling
  • Consists of a benchtop case containing the cooling compressor, the thermally insulated jacket and supporting the analytical head
  • Insulated metal jacket conform to ASTM, IP, DIN and ISO standard methods
  • Capable to work from +55 to -120°C thanks to an integrated Stirling cooling compressor
  • Automatic determination of CFPP: sample temperature decrease is monitored by the software and vacuum applied every 1°C
  • Two IR photocells permit to measure CFPP during aspiration or release
  • Automatic selectable sample preheating
  • The equipment can run also tests acc. to EN 16329 (linear cooling bath)
  • 3-way solenoid valve for vacuum controlled by the software
  • Filtration unit composed by 20 ml pipette, filter holder and 45 microns filter
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