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Artemis 6000 Amino Acid Analyzer

  • Configured package for various applications, e.g. protein hydrolysate, physiological fluid, etc.
  • Pre-tuned and recommended conditions for “Inject and Run”
  • Excellent sensitivity with a detection limit as low as 8 pMol (Asp 3p Mol), with great separation power: average peak resolution>1.5, all peak resolution >1.2 (hydrolysate AA) or >1.0 (free AA)
  • Fully controlled by 21 CFR part 11 compliance data system with multi-language support
  • Visualised LCD with direct control and support method creation, editing and saving
  • Fully automated analysis with protection, e.g. auto washing, leakage protection, etc.
  • Rapid analysis: 30 – 50 min for hydrolysate sample, 70 – 180 min for physiological sample
  • High efficient separation column and ammonia filter column with long lifetime
  • Inert and non-metal materials for pipes contact with buffer solutions & samples to avoid interference
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