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TE-BBR SD Thermoelectric Bending Beam Rheometer

  • For analysis of low temperature flexural creep testing of asphalt binders
  • For analysis of low temperature characterization of crack seal under load
  • Instrument sample supports feature specimen support strips 3 mm (±0.30 mm) in top Radius
  • Pneumatic pressure regulators allow operator to adjust pressure on main input line, air bearing, and load shaft support
  • Capable of measuring specimen beam loads from 0 to 450 g
  • Easy-to-use Windows®-based operational software (included) controls the entire testing process and provides a visual display of stress and strain
  • Reports and graphs can be printed on any Windows compatible printer
  • TE-cooled with solid-state Peltier elements. Requires no pressurized coolants (a separate air-water heat exchanger is included) and is environmentally friendly
  • An integrated, self-contained bath cools using methanol or ethanol as the bath medium
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