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LC 6000 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

  • Comes with a portfolio of detectors including Ultraviolet and Diode Array Detector, Fluorescence and Refractive Index
  • Thanks to the low-volume degassing unit reducing solvent purging time and reducing the amount of solvent used
  • The SCION 6310/6320 Column Oven delivers accurate Peltier-based heating cooling profiles, delivering sharp peaks with excellent peak symmetry
  • The column oven accommodates three 300 mm ID-tagged analytical columns fitted with a guard-column
  • Full device control and automation via CompassCDS
  • The Scion 6100 Quatemary pump features a feedback control called High Frequent Mode (HFM), which suppresses fluid pulsation for superior repeatability and retention time of the HFM gradient
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