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CM1 Test Kit Portable Mini-Lab

  • Portable Mini-Lab for testing lubricants oils
  • Designed for monitoring 7 main characteristics of the lubricant on the diesel engine operation site:
    • Water content
    • Alkaline reserve (BN)
    • Viscosity & Dilution
    • Sea water presence (Option)
    • Carbon matters content
    • Residual detergent capacity
    • Residual dispersant capacity
  • Industries concerned: Automotive, rail, marine, navy, power production, mine, defence, industry, analysis service
  • The tests are simple and rapid, and the kit includes a detailed testing and interpretation guide so that the engineer can make immediate decisions for maintaining the diesel engine and increasing its lifespan
  • The kit is housed in a strong and light aluminum case
  • Internal foam to secure, protect accessories
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