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Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Tester

  • Consists of a benchtop case containing the cooling compressor, the thermally insulated jacket and supporting the analytical head
  • Insulated metal jacket conform to ASTM, IP, DIN and ISO standard methods
  • Capable to work from +55 to – 120°C thanks to an integrated Stirling cooling compressor
  • Optical detection of cloud point based on continuous reflected IR light percentage
  • Accuracy of temperature reading: +/- 0.1°C
  • Motorized arm that lifts and tilts the sample container out of the jacket at programmable intervals: mimic ASTM D97
  • 4” touch screen interface that permits to introduce the analytical data, control the test and display the results
  • Tests can be run acc. to ASTM/ISO methods or to user defined methods
  • Software includes diagnose and calibration tools with all modern QC routines