AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer

AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer

Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester

Category: Cold Properties

Brand:  Orbis BV

Methods: ASTM D6371, EN116,

IP309, JIS K2288, EN16329

Airstar CFPP x

While fully compliant with conventional CFPP methods and equipped with all control options that are also present in similar instruments, AirSTAR CFPP offers today’s latest and most innovative technology such as NANOtech insulation, microprocessor controlled vacuum pump, solid state liquid-free cooling engine, wireless power and wireless control.

With integrated, solid state cooling down to -105ºC/-157ºF, a bench space of only 15cm/5,9″ (the width of the integrated iPad Mini), the innovative & easy hand-held CFPP module and a no-cables-no-hoses configuration, AirSTAR CFPP offers customers an instrument that is powerful, easy to use, flexible and future-proof. And, of course, with highly accurate and comparable test results.

Operation is easy and fast with the wireless hand-held CFPP module, in which all necessary components for the CFPP test are encaged. The intuitive software on the iPad Mini ensures a short learning curve for operators, so they’re able to create and customize programs and settings quickly. Multiple users and user acces levels can be created by the administrator.

Methods EN 116, IP 309, ASTM D6371, JIS K 2288, EN 16329.
Sample flow detection 3 laser beam detection barriers
Calibration Extensive calibration routines for sample + bath jacket temperature and vacuum measurement. Temperature probe offset table. Programmable frequency of calibration notifications
Temperature range: +65°C down to -105°C (-175ºF to 95°F)
Vacuum  Microprocessor controlled; constant and dynamic profiles customizable
Test/Aspiration Settings Test can be started at programmable temperatures. Option for customized time and aspiration intervals
Cooling profiles Stepped and linear cooling profiles customizable (from 1 to 60°C/h). Unlimited storage capacity.
Temperature Measurement °C or °F; PT 100 class A probe, automatic probe ID detection with built-in calibration data storage. Calibration certificate standard supplied.
Cleaning Quick programmable cleaning cycles, in addition to required cleaning according to method specifications. Cleaning is executed in Cleaning-Docking station or within ColdBlock.
Voltage 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power 150 W
Dimensions 16cm x 59cm x 35cm (W x D x H)
Weight 25 kg