Water Level Systems

Water Level Systems

Brand: Aquaread

Method: ISO 7027

When you need a reliable water level logger for any type of water monitoring application, our industry leading LeveLine absolute and vented range is the perfect solution for you. The Leveline has an impressive specification as standard at market leading prices.

  • Produced from Titanium.
  • 500,000 Data point memory.
  • Ten-year battery life.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Simple, fuss free desiccant for vented cables.
  • Wide range of communication options and direct out SD-12/ Modbus out across the



Ruggedness As Standard

Having strong and dependable equipment is essential when it comes to monitoring water levels effectively and accurately, and this is where the LeveLine range can help. Since each water level logger has been built with reliability and ruggedness in mind to meet the demanding needs of a wide range of monitoring applications, you can depend on its high quality to perform to the required standards. The strong titanium construction ensures that these loggers and sensors can withstand use in even challenging environments.

LeveLine Self contained titanium water level and temperature logger


LeveLine-CTDSelf contained titanium water level, temperature, conductivity and salinity logger


LeveLine-MiniTitanium SDI-12 level and temperature sensor


LeveLine-Mini-CTDTitanium SDI-12 level, temperature, conductivity and salinity sensor


LeveLine-BaroAir pressure logger for use with absolute setup


GPS LeveLine MeterHandheld logging and setup device


Quick Deploy Key Initiate logging and check memory and battery levels