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Sample Preparation Systems

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Brand: Trace Elemental Instruments

Automatic sample preparation system with joint columns for analyzing AOX / TOX  –  XPREP A6 & A12

The XPREP-A series is the fastest column method sample preparation system in today’s market. Specially designed to meet international standards like ISO, EPA and DIN methods (e.g. ISO 9562, EPA 9020). It automatically runs 100 mL water samples over the AOX/TOX columns at controlled sample flow of 3mL/min. Once the water sample has passed through the columns a wash cycle automatically starts, which removes the inorganic load from the surface of the activated carbon. The surplus water and wash solution are collected in a central reservoir, which can be connected to a continuous drainage system or simply emptied when it is full. The process is fully controlled by the sample preparation system that can operate as a stand-alone unit.

Sample preparation system with a 3 channel sample filtration unit for both batch – XPREP 3

The XPREP-3 is a 3 channel sample filtration unit designed to use for both batch method and column method. The instrument consists out of three independent filtration units, all of which can be equipped with quartz frit filters or joint columns. The quartz frit separates the water from the activated carbon after the adsorption stage, the column adsorbs the halogens, while running the water at a rate of 3 mL/min. The columns must be emptied in a cup before they are introduced into the XPLORER, the quartz frits can be introduced directly. Each autonomous channel is pressure- and therefore speed adjustable while running, for both Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) methods.

Sample Preparation System for Combustion Ion Chromatography – XPREP C-IC

TE Instruments introduces the world’s first independent sample preparation system for Combustion Ion Chromatography analysis: the XPREP C-IC. This unique configuration redefines automated combustion IC analysis through its innovative design and functionalities.