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Category: Gas Chromatography Solutions

Brand: Scion Instruments


When your requirements demand more functionality or you want room to upgrade, the SCION 456 easily meets your need. Supporting three injector and four detector positions (including the mass spectrometer) with full independent access, no other GC system provides this capability. Scion 456 GC is the platform for over 50 different configured analyzers for petroleum, petrochemical, and specialty gas application.  A staff of highly experienced chromatographers can assist you to build a special analyzer to meet any application need.The perfect GC for many applications that saves space without compromise on functionality and performance. Capacity for 3 injectors , 3 GC detectors plus a mass spectrometer makes the SCION 456 a perfect match for you analyses. A 9 inch touchpad provides direct access to all GC functions and basic tuning.


  • Ultimate flexibility/configurability.
  • Large capacity, fast ramping oven (150°C/minute)
  • Capacity: 3 Injectors, 3 Detectors + MS.
  • Full Electronic Flow Control (EFC), up to 21 channels at 0.001psi resolution.
  • Large full colour screen, multiple languages supported
  • Flexibility to add samplers, valves, valve oven, backflush and column switching capabilities, etc.,  programmed and controlled and through CompassCDS

Dimensions and Weights

Height: 57 cm (22.5 in.),
Width: 66 cm (26.0 in.),
Depth: 56 cm (22.0 in.)
Weight*: 43 kg (59lb)
* Typical values


Environmental Conditions

Operating temperatures: 10°C to 40°C.
Operating humidity (relative): 5% to 95%
Line voltage requirements: 120 V, 230 V (±10% nominal)


General Specifications

Up to 9 EFC modules total, injector, detector and auxiliary Optional
GC Control:
External events (digital output):
8 standard
8 optional, total 16
Max number of timed events: 30 #
Heated zones:
Standard 9
Two power outlets 24V (1A max. each)