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Brand: Trace Elemental Instruments

Archie – Liquids XYZ Autosampler with optional conditioned trays

The ARCHIE is a robotic liquids auto sampler that increases productivity, saves time and reduces errors. It operates with a flexible 100 μL syringe to inject the sample with utmost precision into a vertical liquids, or horizontal boat introduction module at controlled speed, forming a perfect match with the XPLORER analyzer!

105 positions

GBS – Gas Bag Auto Sampler

The GBS (Gas Bag Sampler) is an auto sampler for sampling gas from gas bags (e.g. TedlarTM bags).
It forms a perfect match together with the XPLORER Elemental Combustion Analyzer but can also be combined with any other combustion analyzer as an excellent stand-alone sampling system, operated through the Incorporated Touch Screen.

GLS – Gas and LPG Autosampler

The GLS (Gas & Liquefied gas Sampling module) for sampling gas and LPG from pressurized gas cylinders.
The sampler forms a perfect match together with the XPLORER elemental combustion but can also be combined with any other combustion analyzer as an excellent stand-alone sampling system, due to the Incorporated Touch Screen.

Newton – Solid Autosampler

Automatic handling of solid and high viscous liquid samples can be done by the NEWTON auto sampler. A stackable, gravity driven, auto sampler for accurate and fast introduction of samples into the boat introduction module. The purge flow and protective lid of the sample carousel offer optimal sample preservation. The NEWTON increases sample throughput and efficiency in conjunction with the easily operated TEIS software.

60 positions

Tuscan – AOX Column Autosampler

The TUSCAN column sampler delivers content of the Adsorbable Organic Halogens / Total Organic Halogens (AOX/TOX) column method automatically into the XPLORER sample boat. Once the columns are placed in the TUSCAN, TEIS software controls the introduction of samples. Assisted by boat introduction, there is full control over the combustion speed of sample and carbon. The TUSCAN is capable of introducing 42 columns without any intervention!

42 positions